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Administration and staff

When conducting such a large event like the World Winter Games a functioning back office is the base. It is particularly concerned with office and administrative activities, working on the computer, correspondence and coordination.


All participants are officially registered for the Winter Games. At the accreditation at site the first personal contact with the participants and guests will take place, where you will reveice all the relevant information and documents. We are looking forward to your support in the preparation and process of accreditation.

Set up/control systems „Signage"

You like to be physically active and you are ready to tackle if needed? Then you are right in this area! Among other things, this area is about setting up and dismantling activities at the competitions, official celebrations and various events; signage; logistics, warehouse management... 

Taking care of Special Friends

At the World Winter Games, we expect people of the public life of various fields such as sports, economics, society, culture, ... Here it is all about taking care for, accompanying and informing these guests.

Delegation Service

At the World Winter Games, we expect participants from 110 nations who will experience a hopefully wonderful and exciting time in terms of sport in Austria. Job responsibilities include accompanying the delegations from arrival to departure, among other things, accompanying them at competitons and official events as well as supporting them in terms of diverse questions.

Interpreters / Translation Service

At this global event with 110 participating nations, there will be an exciting linguistic diversity. We are looking forward to your cooperation in terms of translation activities for participants / guests at various occasions, meetings, events and activities.

Opening & Closing Ceremony

Very special highlights are the opening ceremony in Schladming and the closing ceremony in Graz. At those ceremonies a multitude of activities are awaiting you: the preparation of the ceremonies, the placing participants/guests, the parade of delegations, backstage support, program management, visitor´s service, follow-up.


Torch run

At the torch run the Olympic flame of the Winter Games visits different places before it is finally, officially ignited at the opening ceremony. You will support us in preparing and conducting the torch run as well as in preparing the ´íntermediate stations´and in taking care of the torch run participants.

Family program

Together with the participants from all over the world many families will be travelling to the Games to experience "their athletes" at the World Winter Games. For these families, there will be various program points which we need your help for in terms of preparation and conducting.

Healthy Athletes Programm

"Special Olympics Healthy Athletes®" is the largest public health program for people with intellectual disabilities worldwide. The World Winter Games provides the athletes the opportunity to be examined free of charge. We are looking forward to your support in preparing this field of work and in taking care of the athletes taking part in the program.


We want to give participants the opportunity to learn about Austria and to get insights into our world. Here you will support  us in preparing and conducting programs in the various host towns.


An event of this dimension requires a functioning communication and information between all parties involved. Office work, working on the computer, processing of texts and information, correspondence and active communication are central here.

Congresses / Meetings

At the World Winter Games, there will be a congress and a lot of meetings. Here, you will support us in the preparation, handling and follow-up in terms of the organizational and administrative area.

Culture programs

Beyond sport, culture, among other things, should be the focus. You will support us in preparing, handling and managing diverse culture programs which will be offered during the World Winter Games. 

Medical care

An event like the World Winter Games requires a comprehensive medical care, not only at the opening ceremony and the sports competitions, but also at accompanying events and the closing ceremony. We are looking forward to your technical support and supervision of the event in collaboration with the ambulance service.

School program

It is very important for us to also involve the young generation in the World Winter Games. Therefore, we develop various projects for and with schools, where we count on your support in terms of preparation, conducting and handling.


Betreuung und Begleitung

Security/ security service

An event of this dimension requires appropriate security device and measures. Again, we are looking forward to support in order to be able to implement all the corresponding prescribed safety measures and actions and to meet them to offer all participants and visitors a smooth procedure.

Award ceremonies

The award ceremonies are a very important and significant part of the World Winter Games and a very special, emotional event for athletes - and visitors. All award ceremonies have a sequence specified by Special Olympics. Its area of activity includes preparation, handling and follow-up. Emotional factor: 100%.

Special Events (Olympic Town/ Olympic Festival)

In addition to sports competitions and official celebrations, there is also a varied framework program. Here, you support us in the preparation, handling and management.

Sponsoring, Marketing, PR, Media center

"Heartbeat for the World" - this is the message we want to carry around the world. We are looking for communicative people, writers & editors, (amateur) photographers and filmmakers, facebook insiders, reporters, moderators / speakers at the sports centres, website supervisors, ... who live this message with us to bring it alive.


At the World Winter Games 9 different sports are performed in Graz, Schladming, Ramsau and Rohrmoos. We appreciate your assistance in the preparation and execution of the events (including preparation and processing, setting up and dismantling, marshals, judges, results recording / timekeeping, ...)


"All roads lead to the World Winter Games". Whether by car, train, bus or plane - many of our participants and guests have to be transported by us and much is, in the true sense of the word, ´moved´. We are looking forward to your support as a driver for shuttle and transport services or  as a destination supervisor at the arrival or departure points.

Unify Events

It is a matter of great importance for us to bring people with and without intellectual disabilities together during the World Winter Games and to plan and perform joint activities in the sense of inclusion. Be a part of these ideas and support us in preparing and conducting these activities.

Accommodation/ food

Several thousand participants will stay with us and will need to be catered for with packed lunches and drinks at various sports venues during the day at the World Winter Games. The area of responsibility includes preparation, delivery and handing out food at the food supply stations.


In terms of supporting the World Winter Games, the possibilities are very varied. If you are a very versatile person and flexible we are looking forward to your application, wherever it will fit in and will be required.

The selection of certain areas does not automatically mean the employment in this area - the organizer strives to meet the expressed interests- but in the appropriate areas it can be worked with job rotation.

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Special Olympics World Winter Games March 14th to 25th 2017*

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I hereby confirm the correctness of my data and that I have understood the legal basis*
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