Already 1000 volunteers registered for the games 2017

It is with great pride, we also announce that this week the 1000th volunteer for Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017has registered games! A third of what is needed (approximately 3,000 volunteers are needed for the great world games). "Such an event would not be possible without the many volunteers. These people who invest their time to this great cause are so important for us”, the two volunteers coordinators Birgit Winter and Alexandra Schmidt say. On, you can simply log on and search for postitions in some 25 different fields.

Volunteers will receive exclusive clothing (from the company of Northland), to food during their scheduled times, insurance coverage, a commemorative certificate or training certificate, but above all the unique opportunity to play an essential role in such a large and important event. "They are an important part of a large and dedicated team! The emotions and the gratitude from the athletes that the volunteers experience every day at the games, is what makes it so memorable for them", said the coordinators.


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