Coca-Cola Unified Song for 2017 Special Olympics World Winter Games: "Can you feel it"

The song “Can you feel it” picks up the motto of the Games in Styria: “Heartbeat for the World”. It is an expression of pure motivation in the form of music. Three musicians with intellectual disability of the organization ‘Jugend am Werk’ play an important part on the Veeh harp.

Gusebump moments are guaranteed when 2,700 athletes from more than 107 nations will celebrate a unique sports event together with thousands of support persons, volunteers, media representatives and spectators on the occasion of the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017 that will take place from March 14 to 25. “Can you feel it” provides an adequate soundtrack initiated by Special Olympics founding partner Coca-Cola. Among other occasions the song will be performed live in the course of the opening ceremony in Schladming (March 18, 2017) and closing ceremony in Graz (March 24, 2017).


Links to the song “Can you feel it” – Unified Song for the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017:

Youtube Channel Rose May Alaba:

Can you feel it” stands for integration, optimism and joy of life

The lyrics for the song were written by Rose May Alaba, the music was composed by Markus Weiss and Bern Wagner. Rose May Alaba: “This song means a lot to me personally. The journey from the first idea to its release was filled with great experiences. The lyrics are about solidarity, altruism and motivation. ‘Can you feel it’ spreads happiness and is supposed to motivate the athletes, their fans and simply everybody out there!” The three musicians with intellectual disability Arnold Brunner, Uschi Füger and Sylvia Stöger of the organization ‘Jugend am Werk’ have made a valuable contribution to the song. They are passionate players of the Veeh-harp. The common goal of creating a song with a special message created a strong bond that will last beyond the joint work on the project. Rose May Alaba explains: “I have already been at the Pre-Games with my parents. To be on the stage and to witness how so many wonderful people from different countries meet is a feeling that cannot be described. I have realized that we all have the same goal: to live our dream. This was the aspect that convinced me to join in this genuine project.” And Rose May Alaba invites everybody to visit the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017 in Graz, Schladming or Ramsau: “Every contact with a Special Olympics athlete is something special – it is touching, motivating and full of joy of life.”


Coca-Cola and Special Olympics – strong partners since 1968

The Coca-Cola Company is a founding member and since 1968 a worldwide sponsor of the Special Olympics. The partnership with Special Olympics is strongly anchored in the company’s corporate culture. “Due to the positive power of sport the Special Olympics are a source of inspiration in terms of cooperation and mutual support, the focus is on joy of life, optimism and integration. Our commitment helps to appreciate the great performances of the athletes and to spread the idea of the Special Olympics”, says Philipp Bodzenta, General Manager of the project Special Olympics for Coca-Cola Austria. “Our thanks go in particular to the Veeh-harp players of ‘Jugend am Werk’, who have done an incredible job.”

Coca-Cola has purchased the worldwinde rights of the song that was composed and produced by Bern Wagner, Markus Weiss and Rose May Alaba, and will use it for its communication activities in the context of the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017.



Sponsor: Coca-Cola Austria

Lyrics: Rose May Alaba

Music: Markus Weiss, Bern Wagner

Production: Markus Weiss, Bern Wagner

Interpretation: Rose May Alaba and band

Rose May Alaba: VOCALS



Alex Pohn: DRUMS

Arnold Brunner, Uschi Füger, Sylvia Stöger: VEEH-HARP

Krzysztof Dobrek: HARMONICA

Klaus Perez Salado: TIMBALES



Wim Treuner: SYNTHS

Chrissi Klug, Ola Egbowon, Betty Semper, Lukas Hillebrand: BACKINGVOCALS

Katharina Aigner, Sandra Polt, Alexander Schmiedhammer, Romy Reis: CHOIR

Video: Obscura GmbH



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