Conny Hütter and Alexander Pointner are new ambassadors

In the run-up to a big event several dates are more prominent than others. May 18 is such a big date because today we are 300 days away from the start of the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017, which will begin on March 14 with the Host Town Program and will be officially declared open 4 days later, on March 18. The next 300 days will be used to intensively promote the World Winter Games and to raise the interest of the general public. The Games’ organizing committee is especially pleased that an ever increasing number of renowned personalities are willing to support this campaign. Today we are able to present two new ambassadors for the World Winter Games:Conny Hütter, Austria’s fastest lady in the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, who received the award for “Styrian Athlete of the Year” last week, and Alexander Pointner, the most successful ski jumping coach of all times, who both agreed to endorse the big event that will take place in Austria’s province Styria.


Statement Conny Hütter:

It is a special honor for me to be asked to support such a big sport event like the World Winter Games. My hometown Kumberg is located in the vicinity of Graz and I went to school in Schladming – thus I have a personal connection to the two venues of the Games. The Special Olympic athletes are true role models for me. You can learn so much from them because with their efforts they show that sport is not always about meters and seconds, about who wins or who loses, it is about enthusiasm, fun, emotions and above all the joint experience.”


Statement Alexander Pointner:

The Special Olympics athletes display the unfiltered essence of sport: uncontrolled emotion, athletic performance and true joy of movement, all of which are things that for me characterize the value of sport.”



Delegation Assistant Liaisons wanted!

The so-called Delegation Assistant Liaisons (DALs) have a very important and extremely interesting job during the World Winter Games in Graz, Schladming and Ramsau. They will support the more than 100 participating delegations in all aspects and will accompany the teams 24 hours a day for two weeks. They do not only serve as guides but also as interpreters. “They will have the opportunity to be on site and experience firsthand all the emotions that you usually do not witness”, explains Ludmilla Remler, Head of Delegation Service. The most diverse people have already registered – students, retirees, but also businesspersons and even some people who have to take their vacation specifically for the time of the World Winter Games. “On the one hand, this illustrates the people’s great willingness to help others and, on the other hand, it reflects how fulfilling this work will be”, emphasizes Remler.

Most delegations will be assigned two DALs, the biggest delegations will be assisted by three to five persons. Good knowledge of German and English are basic prerequisites, but there are also some native speakers of other languages among the 155 DALs who are already an integral part of the Games. Even people from the surrounding neighboring countries like Switzerland, Slovenia or Hungary have volunteered as Delegation Assistant Liaisons. “The first preparatory training seminars have already taken place – nevertheless we are still looking for roughly 50 DALs, especially for nations from Africa and Asia and from the Middle East”, says Remler.

People who are interested in becoming a Delegation Assistant Liaison are requested to contact Alina Magagna:


On the subject of volunteers: recently a “magical threshold” was passed: already more than 2000 volunteers have registered for the World Winter Games and will assume important functions during the event. “Our volunteers are the heart and soul of the Games. They are indispensible components in our overall organization. Without them we would never ever be able to implement a sport event of this dimension. Therefore we still need many more registrations“, declare Birgit Winter and Alexandra Schmidt, the two Volunteers Coordinators.

More information about how to become a volunteer can be found on the official website:

Zwei steirische Sportlerinnen des Jahres: Martina Jandl und Conny Hütter (Foto: GEPA pictures/Special Olympics)

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