Helene Fischer performs at Opening and Closing Ceremonies

The 32-year-old will perform at the Opening Ceremony in Schladming on 18 March (7 pm) AND at the Closing Ceremony in Graz on 24 March (7 pm). Which songs Fischer will sing is still announced, in any case, the German shows a big heart for Special Olympics and its motto "Heartbeat for the world".

"We are, of course, very happy that Helene Fischer will perform! This is a great appreciation for our athletes, but also for the entire event. A singer like Helene Fischer does not have to be explained to us anywhere in Europe", say Marc Angelini and Markus Pichler, the CEO of the Games 2017.

The fact that Fischer will also be singing at the Closing Ceremony on 24 March at Liebenau Stadium in Graz is the perfect end for a big event in Austria. In Graz the athletes, coaches, family members, volunteers and fans can also look forward to the performance of Andreas Gabalier, who will sing in "his" stadium in his hometown for the first time. Grace VanderWaal, winner of "America's Got Talent" also attends the Closing in the Styrian capital.

Tickets for both ceremonies are available at www.oeticket.com. Top tickets for the Opening Ceremony with best view to the stage offers the Hohenhaus Tenne. Information and order under: http://hohenhaus-tenne-schladming.austria-onlineshop.com/special-olympics-world-winter-games-2017-eroeffnungsfeier-hohenhaus-tenne-card_1_0_1227_3698_0_2.html


Outside of Austria you can watch the Opening Ceremony via ESPN Player: https://www.espnplayer.com/espnplayer/espn_select/ol/special-olympics-world-games-austria-2017-opening-ceremony-170318/221391


Overwiew for all sports programs, side events and TV coverage: http://www.austria2017.org/de/games-2017/das-programm

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