Lara & Luis travel around the world!

About seven months before the start of the World Games 2017 Lara & Luis, the official mascot couple, started traveling around the world!
They will try to visit as many countries in the world to bring "The Heartbeat for the world" all over the world.

Follow them on their journey around the world!

To whom ever receives our dear mascots:
1) Send us a photo of where Lara/Luis are – i.e. a famous sight, a mountain, a lake, main square, work place,… – pretty much anywhere... E-Mail:
2) Pass on or send Lara/Luis to someone, you believe will take them to a special place to have their picture taken as well.
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The journey started ...

The start of the journey was - how else could it be - in Styria!
First goal were the Olympic Games in Rio - they were accompanied by Jürgen Winter, Vice-President of Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017.


It goes on

From Rio Lara & Luis continued their journey alone ...

(Note: A few weeks ago before his tragic death Hannes Arch immediately declared its willingness to support our action. The entire team of Special Olympics Austria is deeply affected by the death of the Austrian Air Race pilot and exceptional sports man. Our condolence is with his family and all his friends!)

Luis on the isle of Mallorca!

From Rio directly to Mallorca - Luis enjoyed his days on the isle very much ...

Back in Austria - next stop: Wolfgangsee!

From Mallorca Luis returned back really tanned, his next stop was the "Salzkammergut". He visited the beautiful Wolfgangsee and the famous hotel called "Weisses Rössl".

Lara climbed the summit of the Mont Blanc

Lara has become an alpinist. She visited with her mates the top of the Mont Blanc. This performance is very respectable because the Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps with 4.810 m and located between France and Italy.

Luis at the Mountainbike World Cup in Andorra

Luis seems to be inspired by Lara and went to a sport event. He visited the UCI Mountainbike World Cup in Andorra. He was cheering at the start and had the possibility to have a look behind the scenes. Cycling plays an important role in Andorra as it has been several times an official stop at the Tour de France and the Vuelta a Espana.

After an exciting day Luis enjoyed the sunset in Andorra very much.

Luis went skiing in Chile with Conny Hütter

In the last days Luis visited our ambassador Conny Hütter in Chile! She is currently in La Parva on a training camp with the ÖSV ladies team. Of course, Luis did not miss the chance and clipped on the skis ;-)

Lara in the Northern Germany

Lara travelled to the north of Germany and visited Hamburg, Lübeck and the Baltic Sea. The Hanseatic city is the second largest city in Germany and is famous for St. Pauli and the Reeperbahn. Lübeck is also a hanseatic city and is about 65 km away from Hamburg. It is also called the “city with the seven towers” or the “gate to the north” and is known as the “queen” and “mother of the Hansa”.

Luis and the sun of Croatia

Luis enjoyed his trip to Croatia as he was accompanying three beautiful bathing beauties to Mali Losinj. Sunbathing, boat trips or simply relaxing at the coast of the Adriatic Sea – Luis wasn’t just enjoying the sun, he was also up for adventures.

And the girls? They were happy to have such a cute travel companion. There are rumours that the next trip is already planned… ;-)

Lara in Australia

Matt Hall took Lara to West-Australia to show her his home country. The flight must have been very exciting because Hall is one of the most successful pilots and has won two Red Bull Air Races this seasion.

Meeting point on the air plane

How ever this could be, but Lara and Luis met on the air plane recently... And not only the nice staff of Austrian Airlines was pleased with the visit, also our Torch Run coordinators Markus Gloessl and Adi Reiter! ;-)

Lara met the stars of the Alpine Skiing World Cup!

Lara is a big ski fan! She went to Soelden to visit the stars of the Alpine Skiing World Cup on the glacier: Mikaela Shiffrin, Julia Mancuso, Ted Ligety, Felix Neureuther, Michaela Kirchgasser and Carmen Thalmann.

Luis at the football stadium

Recently Luis watched an exciting football match in Graz - the game beetween SK Sturm Graz versus SV Ried. The successful club from Graz is a big partner of Special Olympics World Winter Games. Luis was fascinated of the great atmosphere in the stadium.

Lara met André Heller in Morocco!

Lara travelled together with Gertrud, who is going to accompany a delegation, and her nice to Morocco. Close to Marrakesh is the beautiful garden “Anima” of André Heller. While they visited the garden they met the famous Austrian artist and took a picture with him.

Luis in Argentina

Luis travelled to Argentina to visit two interesting places. His first stop was Cordoba, the second largest city in Argentina. He did some sightseeing with Vicky and visited the Manzana Jesuítica. This is a block of buildings in the city centre and was taken in possession by the Jesuit in the 16th century. In the year 2000 it was declared as a World Heritage by the UNESCO. Francisco took Luis to the province Santiago del Estero. They visited Ojo de Agua and Termas de Río Hondo.

A trip to Las Vegas

Lara mit Air-Race-Pilot Nicolas Ivanoff in Las Vegas

Lara is a big friend of the Red Bull Air Race pilots: This time she was a companion of Nicolas Ivanoff in Las Vegas!



Luis in the wonderful "Joglland"

The "Joglland" is a Host Town for the delegation from Iceland in March. That's why Luis wanted to visit the villages in this wonderful region in Styria. He came to 12 villages: Ratten, Rettenegg, St. Kathrein am Hauenstein, St. Jakob im Walde, Wenigzell, Mönichwald, Waldbach, Vorau, Strallegg, Birkfeld, Miesenbach and Fischbach.

A famous chauffeur for Lara & Luis

Lara & Luis have met again in Austria. Before they went to their next journey, they were taken to the nearest airport by a famous chauffeur: skiing star Marcel Hirscher!


Together in Mexiko City

Traveling alone is only half fun, so Lara & Luis decided to go on a trip together for a couple of days. So they flew to Mexico City, where they explored the Anthropological Museum. There they looked at the statue of the rain god Tlaloc and the famous Piedra del Sol, the Aztec calendar.

Snow in Dubai!

Lara & Luis went to Dubai and experienced snow in a hall in the desert, took the golden throne of Atlantis and met Mohamed Hamida, the general director of Sport Connection International L.L.C. Dubai.


From Dubai to Singapur!

From Dubai they went to Singapore, where they met some good friends from home!


Luis went back to Rio!

The worldtour of Lara and Luis started in Rio de Janeiro and it seems like Luis liked it so much that he returned. No wonder, he had the opportunity to join the Beachvolley-World-Champion and Olympia medal winner Juliana Felisberta da Silva. She liked Luis so much that she wants to join the opening ceremony in Schladming if the world tour calendar 2017 has an open space.

Luis joined her at the training at the Copacabana as well as on a Sightseeing-Trip through Rio. A special highlight for Luis was to enjoy the sunset together with Juliana from the Corcovado. Life is beautiful… ;-) Boa sorte from Rio!


Lara on a trip with AMS

AMS supports the Team America during the Host Town Program in March. Lara accompanies that company on the way to the Games and experiences a lot of adventures. She was at a flea market for the Host Town Program. The CEO, Michael Wachsler-Markowitsch, took her on a plane over the Atlantic Ocean and visited with her the cockpit. And she had the possibility to visit the production line at ams.


Lara in Spain

Lara went to Barcelona. She visited the tourism information centre, the Parc Güell and “La Pedrera”. After that she went to Bilbao to the Guggenheim-Museum. This museum for modern art is located in the Spanish Basque region and has an exhibition space of 11,000 square feet. It’s one out of seven Guggenheim-museums.


Luis in Chile again

In the meantime Luis flew from Rio to Chile - he went to the city Quillota in the Valparaiso Province.


On a "detour" to New Zealand

Lara & Luis did have a long journey. They flew to New Zealand, where they went to the Trans Tasman Games in Hamilton with Special Olympics.



Slovakia and France

Back in Europe their paths once again parted. Luis went to Bratislava and took part in a boat trip, Lara moved to France, or more precisely to Rennes.



At ESPN and Dirk Nowitzki

And just a few days later, they took off again and flew over the large pond, where they visited Special Olympics TV partner ESPN. Luis also met basketball star Dirk Nowitzki in the USA!



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