Four new prominent Ambassadors

Klammer, Eisel, Naglich and Mesotitsch Named New Ambassadors For the Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017

As part of „Tour de Franz“, an annual Charity bike race founded by former alpine ski racer Franz Klammer, four famous and successful athletes were named to be ambassadors for the Games of 2017.


 Only 213 days until the big event: with the motto „Heartbeat for the World“ starting March 14th until March 25th 2017, the biggest sport event of the year, the Special Olympics World Winter Games, Olympics Games for people with intellectual disabilities will take place in Schladming, Ramsau and Graz.


More and more stars have shown their willingness to support this event. Hence CFO of Special Olympics Markus Pichler was able to welcome four more Austrian athletes who want to contribute to this upcoming mega event. This past Wednesday in beautiful Carinthia, as part of the charity bike race  „Tour de Franz“ named after Franz Klammer himself, CFO Markus Pichler welcomed four more famous Austrian athletes who will be ambassadors for the WWG 2017.


A top notch foursome


Besides Olympic Gold Medalist and ski icon Franz Klammer, professional cyclist Bernhard Eisel, Biathlete Daniel Mesotitsch as well as extreme sports athlete and chief of course for the Hahnenkamm Axel Naglich have officially declared their support and contribution for the Special Olympics WWG 2017.


For Franz Klammer it’s a natural do-over: „I was already part of the games in Schladming in 1993 and am delighted that I may do the same for the upcoming games. It is fantastic to witness the enthusiasm the athletes show at the various sport competitions.




For the Styrian Pro Cyclist Bernhard Eisel this function of being an ambassador he considers a huge honor”. It is a great feeling to be able to contribute to an event of this uniqueness.“


It is a matter of the feeling in his heart for Biathlete Daniel Mesotitsch, who despite the upcoming World Championship in February 2017 will make the time to support the Special Olympics WWG in any way he can: „ I have been able to train with impaired athletes before and I am always overwhelmed by their motivation, enthusiasm and warmth they spread.”


Extreme Sport athlete and chief of course for the famous Hahnenkammrace Axel Naglich is equally eager to show his support for a cause as such. „It is simply beautiful that events as such exist especially since it is happening a second time in Austria since it’s first time in 1993. Most definitely a memorable, most impressive happening to come.“


And for SO CFO Markus Pichler the addition of these four new ambassadors was yet another big step towards the upcoming games. „So many well known people all agree to support this cause, want to spread our message and to cheer on our athletes. Their eagerness means a whole lot to us.“


Photos: Blitzlicht/Rutter

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