"Special Bags" for the World Winter Games

In the context of the project "Sewing for Peace", Mohammad Khawari, an asylum seeker who lives with his wife and child in Schladming, has made a total of 500 special Olympics bags for the World Youth Games. The material used was the old banner material, which was used in the pre-games. For two and a half months, Khawari has been tailor-made every day to process around 500 meters of banner material into bags.

These bags are used during the World Games for the Head of Delegations from all 107 nations as well as for the Volunteers team of Honored Guests. Each bag is unique and a very valuable reminder of the world games. A few days ago, they were handed over to the Organizing Committee. [Nbsp]

Mohammad Khawari, has lived with his wife and child in Iran - he has been in Austria for about one and a half years. He learned his craft as a tailor in Iran. Through this "pocket project", Khawari has even managed to get an apprenticeship in a tailoring shop in Ramsau! "My family has received so much support - with these bags I want to return something," Khawari said.


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